WFC 2015 (The ‘Better Late Than Never’ Post)

Booze fountain!

I’ve been back from the States for a week now, which means World Fantasy was done and dusted nearly a fortnight ago… and yet it has taken me this long to get into the swing of things enough to post about my NY adventures. I need Hermione’s time-turner, so that I can do all the…… Continue reading WFC 2015 (The ‘Better Late Than Never’ Post)

World Fantasy appearances with Bonus! Reading at the Kill Bar

In one last whirlwind trip across the pond for this year, I’m heading off for New York after GenreCon this weekend for World Fantasy 2015! All told, the trip is going to be about 10 days so I won’t get to do much touristing while I’m there — but there will be much writerly and…… Continue reading World Fantasy appearances with Bonus! Reading at the Kill Bar

2013: The year that was…

It’s that time of year again, when the days are growing longer and hotter (though my Canadian instincts tell me they should be getting shorter and colder) and I’ve baked enough caramel and truffles to know that the Christmas holidays are here. 2013 has been a busy year, hence the complete falling away of updates…… Continue reading 2013: The year that was…

World Fantasy Convention, Weird Fiction, and Vikings!

I’m leaving tonight (TONIGHT!!!) for the UK, and while I’m there I’ll be making a couple of appearances. First, and so excitedly, there’s the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton. I had such a blast last year at the WFC in Toronto, I’m so looking forward to this year’s convention, which is on from October 31…… Continue reading World Fantasy Convention, Weird Fiction, and Vikings!

Finally! My WFC Book Haul

So, when I was in Toronto for the World Fantasy Convention in November, I had to be Very Strict with myself. Luggage restrictions being what they are, I told myself that I would not buy more books than I could fit in my suitcase, which was already overladen with the stupid amount of clothes I…… Continue reading Finally! My WFC Book Haul

2012: So good, I seriously hope I haven’t peaked.

There’s been a Pinterest image going around on Facebook lately, which shows a Mason jar filled with folded scraps of paper — and I think it came from this website originally. At any rate, the picture, and concept, has gone viral. It goes by various names: ‘jar of memories’, ‘jar of good thoughts’, ‘jar of…… Continue reading 2012: So good, I seriously hope I haven’t peaked.

Mega-Catchup Post, Part One: WFC

Travel, writing, marking essays, launching Midnight and Moonshine, editing, applying for jobs… Any and all of these things explain my general lack of updatery lately. That’s no excuse, you say? True. True. So I shall endeavour to fill you all in on the events of the past month in a short series of Mega-Catchup Posts…… Continue reading Mega-Catchup Post, Part One: WFC

My World Fantasy schedule

The con starts tomorrow (yay!) so I guess it’s high time I post my schedule: Thursday, November 1 — I’m doing a reading in the Aurora room at 3.30 Sunday, November 4 — From 12.30 onwards I’ll be banqueting and celebrating the World Fantasy Award winners. In between — I’ll be going to as many…… Continue reading My World Fantasy schedule

Toronto, Part One

I got to Toronto almost a week before World Fantasy because, well, travel from Adelaide to the east coast of North America can be pretty hellish — it’s about 34 hours door to door, if you have a “fast” route — and the jetlag is often worse than the trip itself. Your system is all…… Continue reading Toronto, Part One

Arts SA rocks!

I just got more great news!! My recent ‘Professional Development’ grant application has been successful! Woo hoo!! Thanks, Arts SA, for helping me to attend World Fantasy in Toronto this year! This will be my first WF convention, and I’m REALLY excited that I’m getting the chance to go. Three cheers for Arts SA!