Speculative Fiction and Fantasy Festival, 7-8 May

I’m delighted to be on the program for the SA Writers Centre’s upcoming Speculative Fiction and Fantasy Festival, which is happening next weekend (7-8 May). This is going to be such a blast — as you can no doubt see from the list of featured guests: Gillian Rubinstein (aka Lian Hearn), Sean Williams, Lisa L…… Continue reading Speculative Fiction and Fantasy Festival, 7-8 May

Here’s Looking at You, 2015

Gazing back at 2015, I feel a bit like Scuttle in The Little Mermaid, flipping the telescope to look through both ends. What is near weirdly seems so far off and then — bam! — what was well away in the distance is brought instantly close. All of a sudden it’s New Year’s Eve, the…… Continue reading Here’s Looking at You, 2015

Cranky Ladies of History: Table of Contents Announced!

This morning, Fablecroft Publishing announced the table of contents for their Cranky Ladies of History anthology, and I am delighted to say that I’ve got a story in this book! My piece is set in early medieval Iceland (surprise, surprise) and tells the story of Hallgerðr Höskuldsdóttir, a very cranky lady indeed, who caused no…… Continue reading Cranky Ladies of History: Table of Contents Announced!

Blood Sisters and Honourable Mentions

Bits and bobs of exciting news: I’m so delighted that Paula Guran has chosen to reprint my story, ‘From the Teeth of Strange Children’, in her forthcoming anthology, Blood Sisters: Vampire Stories by Women. Scheduled for publication in May next year, this book is going to be a knock-out. (Not saying this because I’ve got…… Continue reading Blood Sisters and Honourable Mentions

Snapshot 2014

Recently, Stephanie Gunn interviewed me as part of the massive enterprise that is the 2014 series of ‘Snapshots’ taken of Australian speculative fiction — and the interview has gone live! Stephanie asked me some excellent questions about collaborating on short stories, the state of spec-fic awards in Australia, future writing projects, and a bunch of…… Continue reading Snapshot 2014

2013: The year that was…

It’s that time of year again, when the days are growing longer and hotter (though my Canadian instincts tell me they should be getting shorter and colder) and I’ve baked enough caramel and truffles to know that the Christmas holidays are here. 2013 has been a busy year, hence the complete falling away of updates…… Continue reading 2013: The year that was…

Clarkesworld Year 3, One Small Step and Locus Reading List: Updatery

A few cool things happened while I was in the writing oubliette this past month: Coolness the First: Clarkesworld: Year Three — the anthology of all the works published in Clarkesworld, 2009 — has come out and is available in TPB from Amazon and in e-book format from Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Weightless Books, Wizard’s Tower…… Continue reading Clarkesworld Year 3, One Small Step and Locus Reading List: Updatery

New in 2013…

This year, I’ve joined the team at This Is Horror with my new monthly column, Southern Dark. The first piece, ‘Wide Open Fear: Australian Horror and Gothic Fiction’ has just gone live! I’m looking forward to ruminating on All Things Horror over the coming months — and hope you enjoy sharing the experience. Here’s a taster…… Continue reading New in 2013…

One Small Step: An Anthology of Discoveries

FableCroft has just offered the first glimpse of the table of contents for their new anthology, One Small Step (edited by Tehani Wessely), and I’m delighted that our story is among such fine company! “Sand and Seawater” by Joanne Anderton & Rabia Gale “Indigo Gold” by Deborah Biancotti “Firefly Epilogue” by Jodi Cleghorn “The Ways…… Continue reading One Small Step: An Anthology of Discoveries

Aurealis Awards Finalists Announced!

The internets are abuzz this evening because the Aurealis Award Shortlists have just been announced! There are so many awesome stories on these lists, I honestly don’t know how the judges narrowed it down. And I’m so stoked to see my work nominated in two categories: Best Collection (for Bluegrass Symphony) and Best Horror Short…… Continue reading Aurealis Awards Finalists Announced!