Here’s Looking at You, 2015

Gazing back at 2015, I feel a bit like Scuttle in The Little Mermaid, flipping the telescope to look through both ends. What is near weirdly seems so far off and then — bam! — what was well away in the distance is brought instantly close. All of a sudden it’s New Year’s Eve, the…… Continue reading Here’s Looking at You, 2015


Quick Sip Reviews…

…has some fantastic things to say about Apex¬†#69! Charles Payseur cuts right to the chase, offering concise and insightful reviews of most of the pieces in this issue — he covers quite a lot of territory in these quick sips! Here’s what he has to say about my story, ‘Heirloom Pieces’: A woman must face…… Continue reading Quick Sip Reviews…

Heirloom Pieces in Apex, Issue 69

First off, look at this gorgeous cover. What a beautiful way to introduce the February 2015 issue of Apex Magazine, in which I have a new story! ‘Heirloom Pieces’ shares a ToC with some excellent fiction, poetry and non-fiction (check out the story by Damien Angelica Waters, just for one example) and I’m delighted to…… Continue reading Heirloom Pieces in Apex, Issue 69