The Bestiary, The Library, and a New Awesome Patreon

Look what arrived yesterday! My contributor’s copies of The Bestiary, a GORGEOUS volume edited by Ann VanderMeer with artwork by Ivica Stevanovic, and authors including (amongst others) Karen Lord, China Miéville, Catherynne M. Valente, Amal El-Mohtar, Karin Tidbeck … and me! This is (without too much hyperbole) an absolutely stunning book: hard-cover, filled with incredible…… Continue reading The Bestiary, The Library, and a New Awesome Patreon

Here’s Looking at You, 2015

Gazing back at 2015, I feel a bit like Scuttle in The Little Mermaid, flipping the telescope to look through both ends. What is near weirdly seems so far off and then — bam! — what was well away in the distance is brought instantly close. All of a sudden it’s New Year’s Eve, the…… Continue reading Here’s Looking at You, 2015

A Bestiary and a Winter Bundle

A bit of holiday gift-giving spruiking! Know someone who loves strange, brilliant, fantastical fiction and wants a selection of said books all bundled in a great deal? Well, search no further. The VanderMeer Winter Mix Tape Bundle, curated by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer, is an often exclusive selection of ten wonderful novels and fiction collections…… Continue reading A Bestiary and a Winter Bundle

Mammoth Book of Steampunk Adventures

Last week, Sean Wallace announced the table of contents of The Mammoth Book of Steampunk Adventures, which will be published in August (UK) and October (USA), and I’m delighted that my story ‘On the Lot and In the Air’ (originally published in Clarkesworld) is part of the amazing line-up: Introduction by Ann VanderMeer “Smoke City”…… Continue reading Mammoth Book of Steampunk Adventures

Mega-Catchup Post, Part One: WFC

Travel, writing, marking essays, launching Midnight and Moonshine, editing, applying for jobs… Any and all of these things explain my general lack of updatery lately. That’s no excuse, you say? True. True. So I shall endeavour to fill you all in on the events of the past month in a short series of Mega-Catchup Posts…… Continue reading Mega-Catchup Post, Part One: WFC

Ann VanderMeer’s Introduction to Bluegrass Symphony

Ann VanderMeer’s wonderful introduction to Bluegrass Symphony is now up at Ecstatic Days! Jeff kicks things off with a little stroll down memory lane… I first met Lisa L. Hannett when I taught at Clarion South in 2009, and I was impressed with her originality and her prose. (She also looked like she could kick…… Continue reading Ann VanderMeer’s Introduction to Bluegrass Symphony

Oh, Weird Tales, say it ain’t so!

So, I just got into the office, switched on my computer, and have been summarily bowled over by the ABSOLUTELY AWFUL news that Ann VanderMeer is not going to be editing Weird Tales anymore! Wildside Press has sold the magazine to Marvin Kaye, who, it seems, wishes to edit the magazine himself. I’m finding it hard…… Continue reading Oh, Weird Tales, say it ain’t so!

In which my story appears in Weird Tales

The Uncanny Beauty issue of Weird Tales has a beeee-ooooo-tiful cover: And it has a super-exciting ToC: Fiction: “Secretario” by Catherynne M. Valente “A Concise & Ready Guide” by Ian R. MacLeod “Beauty & Disapperance” by Kat Howard “One Minute Weird Tale” by Lauren Beukes “Sisters Under the Skin” by L.L. Hannett “How Bria Died” by Mike…… Continue reading In which my story appears in Weird Tales