Aurealis Awards 2016: In which ‘A Right Pretty Mate’ is nominated!

The Aurealis Awards shortlists have been announced and I’m so very delighted to see my story ‘A Right Pretty Mate’ nominated in the Best YA Short Story category! This is the first story of mine that could even remotely be described as YA, and I’m so chuffed to see it in such good company! Thanks…… Continue reading Aurealis Awards 2016: In which ‘A Right Pretty Mate’ is nominated!

Aurealis Weekend: In which Awards were won!

You’d think, as a writer, I’d have a full stock of words upon which to draw at any given moment. Phrases prepared for, you know, speaking to other word-based life forms. Quips and witticisms locked and loaded, ready for quick-shot commentary. Words are my business. I’ve spent years thinking about them, reading them, turning them…… Continue reading Aurealis Weekend: In which Awards were won!

The Female Factory: ‘Baggage’

How to explain that a really rather nasty story sprang from watching a really adorable documentary? Angela loves badgers. Angela thinks they’re adorable. Angela might be slightly obsessed with them − to the point where she made Lisa sit down and watch the aforementioned documentary, Badgers − Secrets of the Sett. Lisa also enjoyed the documentary (or said she…… Continue reading The Female Factory: ‘Baggage’

Over at…

…you can now read an excerpt from ‘Vox’, the first story in our ‘Twelve Planets’ collection, The Female Factory. Head on over here to read the snippet! Children are a commodity few women can afford. Hopeful mothers-to-be try everything. Fertility clinics. Pills. Wombs for hire. Babies are no longer made in bedrooms, but engineered in…… Continue reading Over at…

The Female Factory: ‘Vox’

When Alisa approached us about doing one of the Twelve Planets, we readily agreed. Then, having sprung her trap, she added “But make it more science fictiony.” Cue Mo Szyslak from The Simpsons … “Whaaaaaa?” Undeterred, and a little heavy of heart, we two dark fantasy and horror girls trundled away dragging our feet. We…… Continue reading The Female Factory: ‘Vox’

The Female Factory cover reveal!

Twelfth Planet Press has revealed the cover Amanda Rainey designed for The Female Factory, Volume 11 in the ‘Twelve Planets’ series — co-written by Angela Slatter and moi! The collection is due out this year (hooray!) and can be pre-ordered in various formats here. It was great fun working on a suite of science fiction…… Continue reading The Female Factory cover reveal!

Mega-Catchup Post, Part One: WFC

Travel, writing, marking essays, launching Midnight and Moonshine, editing, applying for jobs… Any and all of these things explain my general lack of updatery lately. That’s no excuse, you say? True. True. So I shall endeavour to fill you all in on the events of the past month in a short series of Mega-Catchup Posts…… Continue reading Mega-Catchup Post, Part One: WFC

An Introduction to Australian Horror

In honour of Australia Day, I was asked to write an article about Australian horror for This Is Horror in the UK — and it’s now up! The article surveys some of the standout horror published in the past two years by Australian independent presses: so much to talk about, so much incredible talent! Australia…… Continue reading An Introduction to Australian Horror

Top 2011 Stories: Not if You Were the Last Short Story on Earth

In all the end-of-year hoopla, I completely forgot to mention that the readers over at Not if You Were the Last Short Story on Earth rock! Bluegrass Symphony got much love on their Top 2011 Stories lists: ‘Carousel’ gets a nod from Alisa; Mondy also picked ‘Carousel’ as well as ‘Fur and Feathers’, ‘To Snuff…… Continue reading Top 2011 Stories: Not if You Were the Last Short Story on Earth

World Fantasy Award Shortlists!!

I’m always excited to see who gets the WFA nod, but this year! THIS YEAR IS SO FREAKING EXCITING I HAVE TO WRITE IN CAPS!!! BELOVED BRAIN (aka Angela Slatter)’S AMAZING COLLECTION, Sourdough and Other Stories HAS BEEN NOMINATED!!! WOOO HOOOOOOO! Also, super-exciting: Jeff VanderMeer’s Third Bear is nominated in the same category; Alisa Krasnostein…… Continue reading World Fantasy Award Shortlists!!