Aurealis Awards 2016: In which ‘A Right Pretty Mate’ is nominated!

The Aurealis Awards shortlists have been announced and I’m so very delighted to see my story ‘A Right Pretty Mate’ nominated in the Best YA Short Story category! This is the first story of mine that could even remotely be described as YA, and I’m so chuffed to see it in such good company! Thanks…… Continue reading Aurealis Awards 2016: In which ‘A Right Pretty Mate’ is nominated!

Dreaming in the Dark: Gorgeous cover, gorgeous review!

So, have I mentioned this stunning new anthology — edited by none other than Jack Dann! — in which I have a new story coming out this year? Jack refers to Dreaming in the Dark as a showcase anthology, a book intended to show off (and I’m using Jack’s words here) the diamond sharp results…… Continue reading Dreaming in the Dark: Gorgeous cover, gorgeous review!

Dragons of the Night: Postscripts 36/37

Don’t know how I missed this, but The Dragons of the Night, volume 36/37 of PS Publishing’s Postscripts series, is out! In gorgeous hardback (as always!) and LOOK! My name is there on the cover! 😮 This volume contains my story, ‘Surfacing’ — perhaps one of the saddest I’ve written (IMHO). By way of introducing…… Continue reading Dragons of the Night: Postscripts 36/37

Postscripts 34/35: BREAKOUT

I’m a bit behind the eight ball with announcements, but even so, I’m stoked to see my story ‘Endpapers’ appear in the latest Postscripts anthology, Breakout — which, as you’ll see from this table of contents, has lots of fine writing in store for us all! Breakout — John Gribbin Josephine Knows Who — Allen…… Continue reading Postscripts 34/35: BREAKOUT

POSTSCRIPTS #32/33 & #34/35: Two volumes, two stories!

(artwork: Pete Von Sholly's "Troop Inspection" for Far Voyager)

  On the weekend, I got news about the next two Postscripts anthologies — they’re on their way, and have fantastic line-ups! I’m delighted to have a story in each of them, and love both of these stories for different reasons, but think it’s especially cool that Postscripts 32/33 has such a strong Australian contingent…… Continue reading POSTSCRIPTS #32/33 & #34/35: Two volumes, two stories!

The Weird West in Fiction

This week, a feature post I wrote about the Weird West in fiction is up on — Random House’s site about all things science fiction and fantasy (books, movies, games, comics, manga — yeah, pretty much everything). Thinking of the American mid-West conjures up images of cowboys and desperadoes, dusty plains and wild mountain…… Continue reading The Weird West in Fiction