Postscripts 34/35: BREAKOUT


I’m a bit behind the eight ball with announcements, but even so, I’m stoked to see my story ‘Endpapers’ appear in the latest Postscripts anthology, Breakout — which, as you’ll see from this table of contents, has lots of fine writing in store for us all!

Breakout — John Gribbin
Josephine Knows Who — Allen Ashley
The Cicadas — Jessica Reisman and Steven Utley
Notes on the Future — John Weldon
Circular Tour — Howard Priestley
Yesterday’s Dreams — Kaitlin Queen
Scenes from the City of Garbage and the City of Clay — Paul Tremblay
Those Who Remain — Kelly Barnhill
Chasing Gaia — Garry Kilworth
Endpapers — Lisa L. Hannett
Holes — Keith Minnion
In All Your Sparkling Raiment Soar — Robert T. Jeschonek
A Walk in the Woods — Vaughan Stanger
A Walk in the Rain — Vaughan Stanger
Curb — Robert Reed
Scraps of Paper — Simon Strantzas
Forever Boys — James Cooper
Bradbury’s Finger —  Greg Quiring
The Needle, the Stitch, the Night, and the Sky — Kat Howard
The Ebony Crucifix — Kit Reed
The House of the Witches — Darrell Schweitzer
The Aniseed Gumball Kid — Andrew Hook
Easy to Imagine — Ian Whates
The Glasshouse — Emma Coleman
All the Layers of the World — Steven Utley and Camille Alexa
Crossed Gates — Adrian Tchaikovsky
Curse of the Mummy Paper — Anna Tambour
The Seven Mirrors — Marly Youmans

Gorgeous hardcover editions of this book, edited by Nick Gevers, can be bought here (and also from the usual suspects: Amazon, etc.).


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