Spectral Book of Horror Stories II: ToC Announced!

Mark Morris and Spectral Press have announced the awesome table of contents for the 2nd Spectral Book of Horror Stories, which is due to be launched at this year’s FantasyCon in October. I am so stoked to have a story included in this volume alongside some truly excellent horror writers. (Also, check out that creepy cover!…… Continue reading Spectral Book of Horror Stories II: ToC Announced!

POSTSCRIPTS #32/33 & #34/35: Two volumes, two stories!

(artwork: Pete Von Sholly's "Troop Inspection" for Far Voyager)

  On the weekend, I got news about the next two Postscripts anthologies — they’re on their way, and have fantastic line-ups! I’m delighted to have a story in each of them, and love both of these stories for different reasons, but think it’s especially cool that Postscripts 32/33 has such a strong Australian contingent…… Continue reading POSTSCRIPTS #32/33 & #34/35: Two volumes, two stories!