Coming soon: Bitter Distillations

Egaeus Press produces absolutely gorgeous books, both inside and out, so I’m delighted that Mark Beech has included a new story of mine in the Bitter Distillations anthology, due out in November. The book will contain eighteen sinister and intoxicating pieces — all connected to and inspired by the theme of ‘poison’ — courtesy of Stephen…… Continue reading Coming soon: Bitter Distillations

New story in ‘Beneath Ceaseless Skies’!

Sooooo delighted to have ‘Deep in the Drift, Spinning’ appear in the September 10 issue of Beneath Ceaseless Skies! This story goes back to the witchy seaside fisher-village world I love to visit in my fiction (it’s featured in ‘A Shot of Salt Water’, ‘Another Mouth’, ‘A Right Pretty Mate’, ‘Gutted’ — and a few…… Continue reading New story in ‘Beneath Ceaseless Skies’!

Another brilliant review and a snapshot!

End of semester crunch-time has kept me busy, but I wanted to pop in to squee about Paula Guran’s incredible review of Songs for Dark Seasons, which appeared in Locus — and you can now read in full online here. Some highlights that precede Guran’s wonderful in-depth analysis of each story include: “All of the…… Continue reading Another brilliant review and a snapshot!

A marvellous review!

I must admit: I don’t usually read reviews of my work. Positive or negative, the reviewers’ words have a way of sticking in my head, taking up space that should be dedicated to other words — words that will eventually become characters and plots and whole new stories I can send out into the world…… Continue reading A marvellous review!

Body Shocks anthology

I can't find an image that perfectly relates to the weird world of my story, but this still from the 'Demimonde' cabaret captures the dark vibe of the story...

So excited to share the news that Ellen Datlow has selected my story, ‘Sweet Subtleties’, to reprint in her forthcoming anthology Body Shocks (a book of body horror; currently scheduled for October 2021). More details as I get them, but for now, here’s the incredible table of contents. It is beyond cool to see my…… Continue reading Body Shocks anthology

Songs for Dark Seasons: Out Soon!

Can’t believe it’s finally April (after the longest March in history) and the end of this month will bring Songs for Dark Seasons into the world at last! And LOOOOOOK at the gorgeous cover Vince Haig has made for it! It’s perfect. Pre-ordering info is here for those of you inclined to grab a copy…… Continue reading Songs for Dark Seasons: Out Soon!

Good News, Everybody!

GOOD NEWS, EVERYBODY! The wonderful folks at Ticonderoga will be publishing my collection — which was previously known as LITTLE DIGS, but now, with its new lease on life, is forevermore to be known as SONGS FOR DARK SEASONS — in April this year!! HOORAY!!!   Cover art to come (this pic is from an…… Continue reading Good News, Everybody!

Shiny new editions of BLUEGRASS SYMPHONY

Take a look at the pretty new hardcover edition of Bluegrass Symphony, out now! Also available for the first time in e-version (across all platforms). The gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous cover art is by Vince Haig — ooooh I love it so much! Nominated for a World Fantasy Award, Bluegrass Symphony is Lisa L. Hannett’s debut…… Continue reading Shiny new editions of BLUEGRASS SYMPHONY

The Five Senses of Horror: Out today!

I’m delighted to have my short story ‘Sweet Subtleties’ (originally published in Clarkesworld) reprinted in The Five Senses of Horror, a fascinating anthology of horror and dark fantasy stories that explores the relationship between fiction and the five senses — and includes short stories by well-known authors such as Ramsey Campbell, Poppy Z. Brite, and…… Continue reading The Five Senses of Horror: Out today!

Australian Shadows Awards: With Bonus! Shirley Jackson Awards

Last week, the shortlists for this year’s Australian Shadows Awards were announced, and I’m delighted to see that my story ‘Outside, A Drifter’ is on the list for best short fiction! What’s even cooler, though, is that my work is in such great company — including excellent writers like Margo Lanagan, Kaaron Warren, and my…… Continue reading Australian Shadows Awards: With Bonus! Shirley Jackson Awards