Body Shocks anthology

I can't find an image that perfectly relates to the weird world of my story, but this still from the 'Demimonde' cabaret captures the dark vibe of the story...

So excited to share the news that Ellen Datlow has selected my story, ‘Sweet Subtleties’, to reprint in her forthcoming anthology Body Shocks (a book of body horror; currently scheduled for October 2021). More details as I get them, but for now, here’s the incredible table of contents. It is beyond cool to see my…… Continue reading Body Shocks anthology

Also, Cheeky Frawg Books!

Cheeky Frawg Books has launched a new website. Does it sell Cheeky Frawg ebooks? Yes! But very…cheekily. It’s an interactive and mysterious experience you truly won’t want to miss, in a 180-degree scrollable environment. Free content, hidden treasures, singing fish, the animated Myster Odd video, and, of course, the full catalogue of Cheeky Frawg ebooks,…… Continue reading Also, Cheeky Frawg Books!

Holy. Crow. It’s all happening.

Bluegrass Symphony was reviewed by Publishers Weekly today! Whoa. It’s actually happening: I’ve written a book and now people are reading it. I know that’s how it usually works, but still. It seems like such a long process, between writing and publishing, that to realise that strangers are going to read and comment on what…… Continue reading Holy. Crow. It’s all happening.