Good News, Everybody!

GOOD NEWS, EVERYBODY! The wonderful folks at Ticonderoga will be publishing my collection — which was previously known as LITTLE DIGS, but now, with its new lease on life, is forevermore to be known as SONGS FOR DARK SEASONS — in April this year!! HOORAY!!!   Cover art to come (this pic is from an…… Continue reading Good News, Everybody!

Shiny new editions of BLUEGRASS SYMPHONY

Take a look at the pretty new hardcover edition of Bluegrass Symphony, out now! Also available for the first time in e-version (across all platforms). The gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous cover art is by Vince Haig — ooooh I love it so much! Nominated for a World Fantasy Award, Bluegrass Symphony is Lisa L. Hannett’s debut…… Continue reading Shiny new editions of BLUEGRASS SYMPHONY

Behold! New release of Bluegrass Symphony with AMAZING new cover art!

In the lead-up to the release of my forthcoming collection, Little Digs, next year, the excellent folks at ChiZine Publications are doing a new release of my first collection, the World Fantasy Award nominated Bluegrass Symphony, in e-book format — and Vince Haig has made this ABSOLUTELY PERFECT AND AMAZING new cover for it! You…… Continue reading Behold! New release of Bluegrass Symphony with AMAZING new cover art!

In which I dance the dance of joy…

Contracts are signed and I’ve been given the go-ahead to announce—and SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE—that I’ve sold my new collection of short stories to ChiZine Publications!! It’s called LITTLE DIGS and it’s slated to come out in 2019. I AM SO EXCITED YOU GUYS!!!!! WHAT AN AWESOME CHRISTMAS GIFT!!!! ChiZine publishes the most beautiful and dark and fascinating…… Continue reading In which I dance the dance of joy…

New year, new story!

What better way to start 2017 than with a brand new story? ‘Little Digs’ is a piece that returns to the world of Bluegrass Symphony, and it appears in the first issue of The Dark for this year, co-edited by Sean Wallace and Silvia Moreno-Garcia. Delighted to see it share an issue with stories by…… Continue reading New year, new story!

This is Horror: Best Writing Advice

A little while ago, the cool folks over at This Is Horror asked me to say a few words on their podcast about the best writing advice I’d received (or heard or read) thus far in my career, and I was more than happy to oblige. Episode 109 has contributions from Stephen Graham Jones, Mercedes…… Continue reading This is Horror: Best Writing Advice

Galactic Chat 62: In Which I Reply to Most Excellent Questions

Happy New Year, all! Hope you’ve had a safe and happy holiday season! Mine kicked off with an excellent interview with Seán Wright for Galactic Chat, in which we chat — amongst other things — about my forthcoming novel, Lament For the Afterlife (which is being published by CZP this year!), lush and poetic writing,…… Continue reading Galactic Chat 62: In Which I Reply to Most Excellent Questions

Aurealis Awards Shortlists!

I think I should go to bed early more often. Last time I had an early night, thus ignoring text messages and FB beeps on my phone, I found out Bluegrass Symphony was nominated for a World Fantasy Award. And last night, I fell asleep at nanna-hour… and woke this morning to find out that…… Continue reading Aurealis Awards Shortlists!

Over at On Fiction Writing…

I’m the latest in a series of authors put on ‘The Rack’ by Michael Keyton and asked what were supposed to be ‘torturous’ questions, but which in fact were quite fun to answer. There’s a bit of a running narrative that frames each author’s interview: a noirish scenario in which a detective and his dame…… Continue reading Over at On Fiction Writing…

A Miscellany of Links, New and Old

The holiday season was fun, festive, and frantic — so I’ve been remiss in mentioning a few new exciting happenings over the past couple of weeks! Before Christmas, Azra Alagic did a great interview with Angela about the process of collaboration and Midnight and Moonshine. In this interview, Azra asks some really interesting questions and…… Continue reading A Miscellany of Links, New and Old