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I’m the latest in a series of authors put on ‘The Rack’ by Michael Keyton and asked what were supposed to be ‘torturous’ questions, but which in fact were quite fun to answer. There’s a bit of a running narrative that frames each author’s interview: a noirish scenario in which a detective and his dame banter before launching into the questions:

“So what’s the real story,” I said. I held the offending book and tossed it in the  bin. “It’s a New Year, damnit. You’ve got me something better than this, right?”

Sheri pouted, her lips like dark cherries holding a worm. “I might have.”

“You’re holding out on me, yeah?”

Sheri shrugged helplessly as if to say what the hell do I know? You’re the detective, big guy. “They say she’s pretty hot right now. She wrote something called Bluegrass Symphony. Nominated for the World Fantasy Award.”
I gave her my shark’s smile, the one with teeth. “What else do they say?” I’ve always found ‘they’ useful. Rumour’s cheap. Informers you pay. “Who have you got down there?”

Lisa Hannett,” she said. The door slammed behind her and I leapt to my feet. Sheri was interested, and that meant only one thing…

Head over here for the rest.


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