Finally! My WFC Book Haul

IMAG1717So, when I was in Toronto for the World Fantasy Convention in November, I had to be Very Strict with myself. Luggage restrictions being what they are, I told myself that I would not buy more books than I could fit in my suitcase, which was already overladen with the stupid amount of clothes I brought with me to Canada (and yet, still I forgot to bring a winter jacket. Ahem.)

Well, as it turns out, the WFC gave us all Huge Bags of Goodness — with at least 20 books inside! Most of which, alas, I was forced to leave in the hotel even though it pained me to do it. What I kept from the Bag of Goodness: the bag itself, here pictured; the convention program; Seraphina by Rachel Hartman because it looks so purdy (and the story looks good, of course!); The Warded Man by Peter V Brett because I overheard someone in the bar saying that, despite its crappy cover, it’s a great story; and the copies of Lightspeed and F&SF. PLUS, the lovely and witty Doselle Young gave me a copy of his book Housework, which has one of the most awesome pulp covers ever. AND I got a sneaky copy of Shadows & Tall Trees — which looks amazing! — from Michael Kelly (thank you!)

Also, my plan was to gobble up all the smaller-press books I could get while in Canadia, so I lashed out at the CZP table and bought Helen Marshall’s Hair Side, Flesh Side (not pictured because I brought it with me on the plane and it now lives on my bookshelf at work); Brett Savory’s In and DownBearded Women by Teresa Milbrodt; Hair Wreathe and Other Stories by Halli Villegas; Remember Why You Fear Me by Robert Shearman; and I also received my contributor’s copy of Imaginarium 2012: Best Canadian Speculative Writing (also now living at my work.) Then I wandered over to the Prime table and bought Cat Rambo’s Near and Far and two books by Ekaterina Sedia (because I like her Russian-inspired stuff a lot): Moscow But Dreaming and Heart of Iron.

So why am I sharing all this now, three months after the event? Because, despite Being Very Strict, I still somehow managed to get more books than I could carry home in my luggage (and since the Hellish Flight From Hell is 35 hours long, and required many stopovers, I didn’t want a carry-on that weighed a thousand pounds) so I had to ship these treasures to Adelaide, slow-boat-style, from Ottawa. And, ahem, since I cheaped out and chose the slow option, it took three months to get here.

But they’re here now! Huzzah!


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