Finally! My WFC Book Haul

So, when I was in Toronto for the World Fantasy Convention in November, I had to be Very Strict with myself. Luggage restrictions being what they are, I told myself that I would not buy more books than I could fit in my suitcase, which was already overladen with the stupid amount of clothes I…… Continue reading Finally! My WFC Book Haul

Imaginarium 2012: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing

A break in the mad-dash-to-finish-Midnight-and-Moonshine radio silence to share some awesome news I’ve been sitting on for a couple of weeks, and can now finally reveal. I am totally over the moon that ‘Fur and Feathers’ (from Bluegrass Symphony) has been included in the incredible Imaginarium 2012: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing, edited by Sandra Kasturi…… Continue reading Imaginarium 2012: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing

Chilling Tales 2

It’s not coming out for a while yet (2013), but Michael Kelly has posted the awesome ToC for Chilling Tales 2: In Words, Alas, Drown I, the all-Canadian horror anthology being published by EDGE. Gemma Files, Claude Lalumière, Simon Strantzas — and so many more amazing authors! I’m so delighted to have a story in…… Continue reading Chilling Tales 2