Chilling Tales 2

It’s not coming out for a while yet (2013), but Michael Kelly has posted the awesome ToC for Chilling Tales 2: In Words, Alas, Drown I, the all-Canadian horror anthology being published by EDGE. Gemma Files, Claude Lalumière, Simon Strantzas — and so many more amazing authors! I’m so delighted to have a story in this book!

‘In Libitina’s House’ by Camille Alexa

‘Gingerbread People’ by Colleen Anderson

‘Meteor Lake’ by Kevin Cockle

‘Homebody’ by Gemma Files

‘Snowglobes’ by Lisa L Hannett

‘The Dog’s Paw’ by Derek Künsken

‘The Flowers of Katrina’ by Claude Lalumière

‘Goldmine’ by Daniel LeMoal

‘The Salamander’s Waltz’ by Catherine MacLeod

‘Weary, Bone Deep’ by Michael Matheson

‘The Windemere’ by Susie Moloney

‘Black Hen A La Ford’ by David Nickle

‘Day Pass’ by Ian Rogers

‘Fiddleheads’ by Douglas Smith

‘Dwelling on the Past’ by Simon Strantzas

‘Heart of Darkness’ by Edo van Belkom

‘Fishfly Season’ by Halli Villegas

‘Road Rage’ by Bev Vincent

‘Crossroads Blues’ by Robert J. Wiersema

‘Honesty’ by Rio Youers


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  1. This looks very interesting. And it has quite a line-up. I put it on my wish list, but I am off now to find the first “Chilling Tales” 😉
    Congratulations for the story acceptance! I am looking forward to read it 🙂

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