Finally! My WFC Book Haul

So, when I was in Toronto for the World Fantasy Convention in November, I had to be Very Strict with myself. Luggage restrictions being what they are, I told myself that I would not buy more books than I could fit in my suitcase, which was already overladen with the stupid amount of clothes I…… Continue reading Finally! My WFC Book Haul

The Lair’s Just So So Special: Robert Shearman

We love writer, director and playwright Robert Shearman – we don’t even have to kidnap him. He travels quite willing to the country of interview and stays for tea and cupcakes. It’s such a nice change, not to have to go through all that kerfuffle with the knockout drops and the malfunctioning vortex manipulator -…… Continue reading The Lair’s Just So So Special: Robert Shearman