A Miscellany of Links, New and Old


The holiday season was fun, festive, and frantic — so I’ve been remiss in mentioning a few new exciting happenings over the past couple of weeks!

Before Christmas, Azra Alagic did a great interview with Angela about the process of collaboration and Midnight and Moonshine. In this interview, Azra asks some really interesting questions and also talks about how Angela started her writing career with chick-lit!

In other pre-Christmas news, Kirstyn McDermott has a new book out, which I CANNOT WAIT TO READ. Seriously, I want to get an e-reader JUST so that I can read Perfections: Two sisters. One wish. Unimaginable consequences. Not all fairy tales are for children…

‘The Writer and the Critic’ podcast is on hiatus for a couple of months, but never fear — “Podland” has a new ambassador. Sean Wright, aka Sean the Bookonaut, has just launched a new podcast! In the first episode of ‘Adventures of a Bookonaut’, Sean interviews Luke Preston, author of Dark City Blue; Joelyn Alexandra, Singaporean crime writer; and academic and author of The Secret Feminist Cabal, Dr Helen Merrick.

Alan Baxter gives Midnight and Moonshine an awesome two thumbs up over at Thirteen O’Clock. You can read the whole thing over there, but here’s a snippet: Midnight and Moonshine draws deeply on Hannett’s PhD subject, both authors’ skill at fairy tales and two of the best existing mythologies (Norse and Fae) to create something with lashings of style. Norse gods and Fae folk, bayou and voodoo, prohibition and giants, epic quests and personal triumphs and tragedies, this collection explores them all and more. A brilliant collection, well worth your time and money… There’s no question that this collection has leapt straight onto my Books Of The Year list.

Finally, almost as the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, the Lexifabricographer posted a wonderful review of Bluegrass Symphony as part of the Australian Women Writers 2012 challenge. I love how, in each review, different stories are singled out for discussion — so cool!



  1. Thanks for the shout out, yes you should get an ereader to read Perfections 🙂 . It must be a year for columns. I have been offered a review column for International Speculative Fiction, my first column out in January edition. The podcast has been well received, i think I might have been a little insane to think that 3 interviews a month plus, post production was going to be easy

    1. I am hoping all this work might contribute to me securing an SA government grant to go to Brighton at the end of the year, which means I have to write a grant proposal on top of all of this *runs away screaming*

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