Galactic Chat 62: In Which I Reply to Most Excellent Questions

Happy New Year, all! Hope you’ve had a safe and happy holiday season! Mine kicked off with an excellent interview with Se├ín Wright for Galactic Chat, in which we chat — amongst other things — about my forthcoming novel, Lament For the Afterlife (which is being published by CZP this year!), lush and poetic writing,…… Continue reading Galactic Chat 62: In Which I Reply to Most Excellent Questions

Snapshot 2014

Recently, Stephanie Gunn interviewed me as part of the massive enterprise that is the 2014 series of ‘Snapshots’ taken of Australian speculative fiction — and the interview has gone live! Stephanie asked me some excellent questions about collaborating on short stories, the state of spec-fic awards in Australia, future writing projects, and a bunch of…… Continue reading Snapshot 2014

A Miscellany of Links, New and Old

The holiday season was fun, festive, and frantic — so I’ve been remiss in mentioning a few new exciting happenings over the past couple of weeks! Before Christmas, Azra Alagic did a great interview with Angela about the process of collaboration and Midnight and Moonshine. In this interview, Azra asks some really interesting questions and…… Continue reading A Miscellany of Links, New and Old

2012 Snapshot Interview

Sean Wright has interviewed me over at his Bookonaut website as part of the 2012 Snapshot of Australian Speculative Fiction. This is a HUGE undertaking by ASif — they’ve been blogging interviews since June 1st and will keep going until June 8th, capturing a “snapshot” of the Australian SpecFice scene. All interviews will be archived…… Continue reading 2012 Snapshot Interview