Wonderful review in ASiF

Jason Nahrung has written an incredible review of Midnight and Moonshine over at ASiF — I love Jason’s reviews because they are always so insightful, considered, and enticing! Here’s a snippet: “The pedigree of Midnight and Moonshine was promising from the outset, right down to the cover design. Artist Kathleen Jennings was nominated this year…… Continue reading Wonderful review in ASiF

2012 Snapshot Interview

Sean Wright has interviewed me over at his Bookonaut website as part of the 2012 Snapshot of Australian Speculative Fiction. This is a HUGE undertaking by ASif — they’ve been blogging interviews since June 1st and will keep going until June 8th, capturing a “snapshot” of the Australian SpecFice scene. All interviews will be archived…… Continue reading 2012 Snapshot Interview


Jason Nahrung has reviewed Bluegrass Symphony over at ASiF, and whoa. I’m gobsmacked. It’s hard to single out a ‘taster’ to post here because, well, the whole thing is incredible. For example… ‘Down the Hollow’ resonated with memories of another great short, Margo Lanagan’s ‘Singing My Sister Down’: here is a ritual involving farewell, horrible…… Continue reading Gobsmacked.

15 Days of Tesseracts, Reviews, and Other fun stuff

 If only I could go to this shindig: Tesseracts Fourteen, and the authors and editors of Tesseracts Fourteen are going to be featured at the Merril Collection’s Christmas Tea, on Saturday December 4th, at the Merril Collection (239 College Ave, Toronto) from 1-4. Alas, the commute between Adelaide and Toronto is too great for me…… Continue reading 15 Days of Tesseracts, Reviews, and Other fun stuff