A marvellous review!

I must admit: I don’t usually read reviews of my work. Positive or negative, the reviewers’ words have a way of sticking in my head, taking up space that should be dedicated to other words — words that will eventually become characters and plots and whole new stories I can send out into the world…… Continue reading A marvellous review!


Songs for Dark Seasons: Out Soon!

Can’t believe it’s finally April (after the longest March in history) and the end of this month will bring Songs for Dark Seasons into the world at last! And LOOOOOOK at the gorgeous cover Vince Haig has made for it! It’s perfect. Pre-ordering info is here for those of you inclined to grab a copy…… Continue reading Songs for Dark Seasons: Out Soon!

Midnight and Moonshine — the release!

And thus we threatened and thus it came to pass … or rather will do so in November this year. Yes, we have a cover for Midnight and Moonshine, we have stories, we have an Introduction by Kim Wilkins, a release date, an accommodating publisher, and we have details. Pre-ordering can occur here – either…… Continue reading Midnight and Moonshine — the release!

Australian Shadows Awards 2011

The Australian Shadows Awards shortlists and winners have just been announced! I’m delighted that Bluegrass Symphony got an Honourable Mention for ‘Best Collection’ and my novella ‘From the Teeth of Strange Children’ got a nod as well! So cool to be mentioned alongside such excellent authors. Huge congratulations to all the winners and Honourable Mentions!…… Continue reading Australian Shadows Awards 2011

Bluegrass Symphony launch: In Which I Gush and Share Photos

Sometimes I feel soooooooo lucky, and last night was definitely one of those times. It’s actually hard to describe how awesome everthing was at the Bluegrass Symphony launch. Jude at the SA Writers Centre was incredibly lovely, and helped to make sure the atrium was ready for the event to kick off at 7pm –…… Continue reading Bluegrass Symphony launch: In Which I Gush and Share Photos

Bluegrass Symphony: Auction for a great cause!

Russell B Farr, editor extraordinaire at Ticonderoga Publications, has organised an auction of some special copies of Bluegrass Symphony to help fundraise for a really worthy cause. Lezli Robyn — an award-winning science fiction writer, Mike Resnick’s collaborator, Cambell Award finalist, Ticonderoga author, and all-around lovely gal — is raising funds to help her fiancé…… Continue reading Bluegrass Symphony: Auction for a great cause!

Publishers Weekly reviews Dead Red Heart and More Scary Kisses…

…and has very flattering things to say about both! More Scary Kisses (ed. by Liz Grzyb) gets a fine review here with specific nods for Fraser Sherman, Liz Coley, Felicity Dowker, Kirstyn McDermott, and co-authors Martin Livings and Talie Helene! Awesome stuff! Dead Red Heart (ed. by Russell B. Farr) also gets a really positive review:…… Continue reading Publishers Weekly reviews Dead Red Heart and More Scary Kisses…

More on Dead Red Heart

Dead Red Heart is a whopping anthology at 400+ pages — so you’re bound to get more than your money’s worth of vampirey goodness (or evilness?) when you get your hands on a copy. Which you now can: trade paperback and limited edition hardcover copies of Dead Red Heart are available for pre-order on Ticonderoga Press’s online bookshop, http://www.indiebooksonline.com/.…… Continue reading More on Dead Red Heart

Two stories, two reviews

Both reviews appeared today, and both have lovely things to say about my stories! Late Christmas presents for me? With comments like the following, I can’t help but think so: A snippet from the first, written by Russell B. Farr about my story ‘Weightless’, which appears in Sprawl (ed. by Alisa Krasnostein; Twelfth Planet Press)…… Continue reading Two stories, two reviews

Did you hear that squeeeee??

I’m so excited to announce that Angela Slatter and I have signed a deal with Russell B. Farr at Ticonderoga Publications for our collection of interconnected short stories, Midnight and Moonshine. Angela and I have collaborated on stories in the past, but this will be our first collection together and I couldn’t be more delighted! The…… Continue reading Did you hear that squeeeee??