Two stories, two reviews

Both reviews appeared today, and both have lovely things to say about my stories! Late Christmas presents for me? With comments like the following, I can’t help but think so:

A snippet from the first, written by Russell B. Farr about my story ‘Weightless’, which appears in Sprawl (ed. by Alisa Krasnostein; Twelfth Planet Press) reads, A handful of the stories in this anthology are exceptional pieces. Simon Brown’s “Sweep” is a well-told, chilling tale of adolescence. It is remarkable in both its depth of feeling and subtlety. “Walker” by Dirk Flinthart is another fine story, an amazing urban fantasy tale that respectfully includes indigenous Australia. Lisa L Hannett’s “Weightless” was almost flawless in its telling, magical in its narrative and incredibly sensual in the lasting impression it leaves on the reader. (The rest lives here)

And Angela Slatter offers a detailed and insightful review of Music for Another World (ed. Mark Harding), in which my story ‘Singing Breath Into the Dead’ appears: Hannett is a real writer and seeing how she has crafted and re-crafted this story of strange births, strange deaths, and songs to enable even stranger conceptions is truly impressive. (Ze rest is here)



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