The Art of the Careful Review

There are few things more satisfying, as a writer, than having someone read your work and enjoy it. But one of those things is having someone read your work, and take the time to analyse it, pick it apart, and articulate specific things that struck them about the story. This analysis doesn’t have to be…… Continue reading The Art of the Careful Review

In the mail today…

…my contributor’s copy of The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy & Horror 2012 — which is chock-full of stories I am really looking forward to reading! Excited to see that ‘Bella Beaufort Goes to War’ (which Angela and I wrote for Midnight and Moonshine) kicks off the anthology! How cool! And my creepy-lovely Clarkesworld story, ‘Sweet Subtleties’,…… Continue reading In the mail today…

Palahniuk and Imaginarium and Giveaways (Oh my!)

It’s been more than a while since I’ve updated this site — sorry! Lecturing full-time and trying to finish my new book means that some things — namely this here website and my addiction to social media — have been on hiatus. If it’s a choice between writing words here and writing words in the…… Continue reading Palahniuk and Imaginarium and Giveaways (Oh my!)


Wow, awards season is certainly upon us — the Ditmar award ballot has been announced, and I’m so chuffed to see Midnight and Moonshine on the list with so many great books and stories! Doubly-stoked to see Kirstyn McDermott on the lists for Perfections and for The Writer and the Critic (if you haven’t listened…… Continue reading Ditmars!

Aurealis Awards Shortlists!

I think I should go to bed early more often. Last time I had an early night, thus ignoring text messages and FB beeps on my phone, I found out Bluegrass Symphony was nominated for a World Fantasy Award. And last night, I fell asleep at nanna-hour… and woke this morning to find out that…… Continue reading Aurealis Awards Shortlists!

A Miscellany of Links, New and Old

The holiday season was fun, festive, and frantic — so I’ve been remiss in mentioning a few new exciting happenings over the past couple of weeks! Before Christmas, Azra Alagic did a great interview with Angela about the process of collaboration and Midnight and Moonshine. In this interview, Azra asks some really interesting questions and…… Continue reading A Miscellany of Links, New and Old

2012: So good, I seriously hope I haven’t peaked.

There’s been a Pinterest image going around on Facebook lately, which shows a Mason jar filled with folded scraps of paper — and I think it came from this website originally. At any rate, the picture, and concept, has gone viral. It goes by various names: ‘jar of memories’, ‘jar of good thoughts’, ‘jar of…… Continue reading 2012: So good, I seriously hope I haven’t peaked.

Mega-Catchup Post, Part Three: Launches!

Midnight and Moonshine is now well and truly out in the wild! On November 30th, we had the World Launch up in Brisbane, at Avid Reader. The evening was sultry, the wine flowing, the bookshop filled with lovely, smiling, book-buying folks. Thanks, everyone, for coming! A very special thanks to Kate Eltham for her unbelievable…… Continue reading Mega-Catchup Post, Part Three: Launches!

Mega-Catchup Post, Part Two: Ottawa

After leaving the World Fantasy Convention, I headed up to Ottawa to spend a couple of weeks with my family and friends. The theme of the fortnight was visiting, visiting, visiting. I kept my little suitcase packed and bounced from house to house every few days, seeing as much of my niece and nephews as…… Continue reading Mega-Catchup Post, Part Two: Ottawa

Adelaide launch of Midnight and Moonshine

We had a fantastic World Launch of Midnight and Moonshine up in Brisbane at the end of November (post and pics to come!) and now it’s nearly time for the Otherworld Launch here in Adelaide! The otherworld launch will take place in Adelaide on Friday, December 14, 2012. Where? SA Writers’ Centre 2nd floor, 187…… Continue reading Adelaide launch of Midnight and Moonshine