Home Again, Home Again: Post-Natcon, Post-Retreat, Post-Brisbane Post

This is probably the last and latest “post-Natcon” post to show its face on the interwebs — considering it’s now, what, a whole week after the convention ended? — but better late than never, I say. I had a grand time at Contact 2016, which kicked off on the Thursday evening with a completely fun…… Continue reading Home Again, Home Again: Post-Natcon, Post-Retreat, Post-Brisbane Post

Contact 2016: Where to find me at Natcon this weekend

In a few days, I’ll be heading up to Brisbane for Contact 2016, the 55th Australian National Speculative Fiction Convention, which is being held over Easter weekend. I’m super-excited but also not entirely prepared (read: not at all prepared) for the trip — I keep thinking it’s weeks and weeks away when, in fact, I’ll be…… Continue reading Contact 2016: Where to find me at Natcon this weekend

LAMENT makes the 2016 Ditmar Awards Ballot!

What a pleasant surprise, waking up this morning to see that Lament for the Afterlife has appeared on the 2016 Australian SF (‘Ditmar’) Awards ballot in the ‘Best Novel’ category! Thanks so much, everyone, for this nomination! A ‘no award’ option will be added to each category, but otherwise the Ditmar ballot for 2016 looks…… Continue reading LAMENT makes the 2016 Ditmar Awards Ballot!


Wow, awards season is certainly upon us — the Ditmar award ballot has been announced, and I’m so chuffed to see Midnight and Moonshine on the list with so many great books and stories! Doubly-stoked to see Kirstyn McDermott on the lists for Perfections and for The Writer and the Critic (if you haven’t listened…… Continue reading Ditmars!

Ditmar Award Nominations Open

It feels like only yesterday that I last mentioned the Ditmar Awards on this website, but apparently a year has passed already! Ditmar nominations are now open — until April 13, 2012. There is an incredible list of eligible works and potential nominees this year (as is also the case with the Aurealis Awards) –…… Continue reading Ditmar Award Nominations Open

Tuesday Therapy: Zone and Rhythm

One of the first times I encountered Cat Sparks’ writing was in Paper Cities: An Anthology of Urban Fantasy edited by Ekaterina Sedia. ‘Sammarynda Deep’ grabbed me from the very first line — and I’ve been a fan of her work ever since. I am clearly not alone in this. Cat was a Writers of…… Continue reading Tuesday Therapy: Zone and Rhythm

Tuesday Therapy: Writing as Sudoku

I’m beginning to feel like the fates have aligned so that each week’s therapy session speaks directly to a writing problem I am currently facing. This hasn’t been prearranged — it’s entirely a fluke — but it’s a happy coincidence. I’ve just passed the 1/3 mark of The Familiar and was starting to wonder if I…… Continue reading Tuesday Therapy: Writing as Sudoku

Here’s looking at you, 2011

Last day of the year… so like many of you I’m feeling the urge to commit a bit of retrospective bloggery. 2011 sucked. Then it was awesome. Then it sucked again. Then it got better than ever… And so on. This was the rollercoaster year to beat all others, and it often felt like I…… Continue reading Here’s looking at you, 2011

Speaking of Swancon…

In between floating around in clouds of joy over the completion of my thesis and bunkering down in the hotel to work on Midnight and Moonshine stories with Brain, I will also be part of this panel: Steampunk Style and Substance Monday, 25 April 11:30 AM Plaza 1 I’ll also be celebrating great stories at…… Continue reading Speaking of Swancon…

A change to the ballot: Best Achievement

For any of you who may be tempted to vote in the Ditmars for the cover design I did for Angela Slatter’s lovely collection, The Girl With No Hands, please note: this nomination has been reclassified as ‘Best Achievement’ instead of ‘Best Artwork’. I’m delighted and more than a bit relieved at this change (not least…… Continue reading A change to the ballot: Best Achievement