Here’s a thing that’s now real

It’s heeeeeeeere!!! My book is really real and really here!! Hooray!!! 🥳🥂✨ Somehow it doesn’t quite seem real until you’ve got a hard copy of the book in your hands (or, in this case, a lovely stack of author copies delivered to your doorstep). So now that I’ve held it and smiled a lot and…… Continue reading Here’s a thing that’s now real


Books: Always Better in Bundles

To celebrate the lead-up to our November release of Midnight and Moonshine, Ticonderoga has a limited offer on Books Written by the Brains. Head on over to indiebooksonline and you will find a deal for the paperback editions of Midnight and Moonshine, Angela’s Aurealis Award-winning The Girl With No Hands, and my Aurealis Award-winning and…… Continue reading Books: Always Better in Bundles

Speaking of Swancon…

In between floating around in clouds of joy over the completion of my thesis and bunkering down in the hotel to work on Midnight and Moonshine stories with Brain, I will also be part of this panel: Steampunk Style and Substance Monday, 25 April 11:30 AM Plaza 1 I’ll also be celebrating great stories at…… Continue reading Speaking of Swancon…