Books: Always Better in Bundles

To celebrate the lead-up to our November release of Midnight and Moonshine, Ticonderoga has a limited offer on Books Written by the Brains. Head on over to indiebooksonline and you will find a deal for the paperback editions of Midnight and Moonshine, Angela’s Aurealis Award-winning The Girl With No Hands, and my Aurealis Award-winning and…… Continue reading Books: Always Better in Bundles

So much fun, I lost my voice

I arrived in Sydney late on Friday evening after a full day’s work — a full week’s, really — ready for a weekend of fun, friends and celebration. This was my third Aurealis Awards, but the first time I’d been nominated, so I was pretty excited. Angela (aka Brain) had a barrowload of nominations this…… Continue reading So much fun, I lost my voice

Awesome Spec-fic, super-cheap!

Indiebooks Online is having a sale!                   Now’s your chance to order Ticonderoga Publications titles you might’ve missed out on in paperback — such as Angela Slatter’s The Girl With No Hands & Other Stories, Kaaron Warren’s Dead Sea Fruit, Sean Williams’ Magic Dirt and a heap of other great…… Continue reading Awesome Spec-fic, super-cheap!