Speculative Fiction and Fantasy Festival, 7-8 May

I’m delighted to be on the program for the SA Writers Centre’s upcoming Speculative Fiction and Fantasy Festival, which is happening next weekend (7-8 May). This is going to be such a blast — as you can no doubt see from the list of featured guests: Gillian Rubinstein (aka Lian Hearn), Sean Williams, Lisa L…… Continue reading Speculative Fiction and Fantasy Festival, 7-8 May


Launched! (Adelaide edition)

Well, it’s official: Lament for the Afterlife and Twinmaker: Fall have been launched in Adelaide! Saturday night was such a blast. If you ever find yourself in a position to have a joint book launch and celebration with one of your most excellent friends, do it. It was so much fun launching Sean’s book and…… Continue reading Launched! (Adelaide edition)

Mega-Catchup Post, Part Three: Launches!

Midnight and Moonshine is now well and truly out in the wild! On November 30th, we had the World Launch up in Brisbane, at Avid Reader. The evening was sultry, the wine flowing, the bookshop filled with lovely, smiling, book-buying folks. Thanks, everyone, for coming! A very special thanks to Kate Eltham for her unbelievable…… Continue reading Mega-Catchup Post, Part Three: Launches!