Launched! (Adelaide edition)

Well, it’s official: Lament for the Afterlife and Twinmaker: Fall have been launched in Adelaide!

launch lisa sean launchedSaturday night was such a blast. If you ever find yourself in a position to have a joint book launch and celebration with one of your most excellent friends, do it. It was so much fun launching Sean’s book and having him launch mine (his speech was a billion times better than mine, which should come as no surprise — the lad’s got a way with words, after all!) Since there were two of us, we were able to keep the speeches short (which is ideal when there is champagne waiting to be had!) and we both gave a little taste of our stories before calling the formalities to a close. The SA Writers Centre was a lovely venue, as always, and lucky for us the weather was cool(ish) that day so the atrium didn’t get too hot — until people hit the dance floor, of course, at which point it was smoking. Obviously.

launch wineGarth Nix was a brilliant, generous MC — and also the most well-dressed glassy in Australia! — and I’m so grateful he came to Adelaide and kept proceedings moving along. Thank you, Garth!

I’m also massively grateful to my dear Brain, Angela Slatter, for coming down for the weekend as well. Not only was it amazing to see her again (our last reunion was at the Aurealis Awards!) Angela helped with the catering — and provided an army of Haigh’s chocolate frogs! — and with the set-up, and washed dozens and dozens of dishes throughout the night… Without Angela and Garth on deck, I swear we’d still be at the SAWC cleaning up! PLUS, Angela spoiled me with a pampering session at the spa beforehand, and also gave me the most awesome necklace (of Pinocchio trapped inside the whale’s belly) which — in a wonderful moment of serendipity — looked like it was made specifically for my dress! (I got as many compliments on the gorgeous neclaunch lisa sean smilingklace as I got on my novel, and I was more than happy to take both!) Thank you, thank you, thank you, Angela!

We had a delightful crowd of friends to share the evening with us — loads of smiling faces throughout the night, which lifted the spirits and filled the room with such happiness. Thanks, everyone, for coming!

launch garth mcAlso super-cool: there were wine and champagne bottles printed with special labels featuring the covers of our new books (see pic above) and an awesome playlist of awesome 80s and 90s songs perfect for dancing (thanks, DJ Sean, for the tunes!) And thanks to Collins Booksellers (Edwardstown) we had plenty of stock there for sale, not to mention very friendly booksellers to help match readers with books!

All in all, it was a fabulous night! Thank you so much, Sean, for sharing the launch with me! I couldn’t have imagined a better way to introduce Lament to our hometown. *raises glass*

launch lisa reading2launch sean laughing



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