The Writer & The Critic … and me!

At the end of November, I had an absolutely brilliant time talking with Kirstyn and Ian (aka The Writer and The Critic) about Maria Dahvana Headley’s incredible new translation of Beowulf alongside her equally incredible reimagining/retelling/revisioning of this epic story in her novel The Mere Wife. Full disclosure: I had suggested this Headley double-barrel episode…… Continue reading The Writer & The Critic … and me!

Ten minutes with… The Coode Street Podcast

Last week, I had such a great time chatting with Jonathan Strahan for Ten minutes with… which is a special series presented by Coode Street that sees readers and booklovers from around the world talk about what they’re reading right now and what’s getting them through these difficult times. Head on over to the Coode…… Continue reading Ten minutes with… The Coode Street Podcast

Writing Speculative Short Stories: A New Workshop!

So excited to announce a new online workshop I’ve developed for Kill Your Darlings magazine: Writing Speculative Short Stories is now live! And, for a limited time, it’s being offered at a introductory discounted price! Huzzah! This workshop highlights some essential elements of speculative fiction. Whether you’re absolutely new to the genre, or you already…… Continue reading Writing Speculative Short Stories: A New Workshop!

GenreCon 2015: In which I will both launch — and blab about — books!

Brisbane is the place to be this weekend! It’s GenreCon time again, a brilliant event focused on All Things Genre, featuring some of the best writers, publishers, editors, illustrators and readers in the business. I’m particularly stoked to hear the 2015 Special Guests  so I’m definitely going to trot along to the sessions in which…… Continue reading GenreCon 2015: In which I will both launch — and blab about — books!

Launched! (Adelaide edition)

Well, it’s official: Lament for the Afterlife and Twinmaker: Fall have been launched in Adelaide! Saturday night was such a blast. If you ever find yourself in a position to have a joint book launch and celebration with one of your most excellent friends, do it. It was so much fun launching Sean’s book and…… Continue reading Launched! (Adelaide edition)

The Writing Process, Visually

It’s nearing the end of Semester Two here in Australia, so much of my “writing time” involves balancing teaching commitments, research, short story writing and critiques, edits, and working on the novel somewhere in between. And staying up late to watch more episodes of The Tudors. Today, this is what my writing process looks like.…… Continue reading The Writing Process, Visually


There’s nothing better than getting a delivery of books in the mail. Few things make me happier, really. So this afternoon, when I was feeling sorry for myself because I had just written a load of crap (see previous post), the fates intervened and sent the sweetest little delivery man, whose flimsy arms were laden…… Continue reading Happiness…