Valentine’s Day reading — and cake!

Hey, Adelaideans: if you’re at a loose end on Sunday, why not spend a couple of hours with me and some cool local writers (Liz Harfull, Katrina Germein, and Heather Taylor Johnson) at the gorgeous Mockingbird Lounge in Glenelg? There will be love-themed readings and Valentine’s cake. (Which I suppose is just regular cake, but…… Continue reading Valentine’s Day reading — and cake!

GenreCon 2015: In which I will both launch — and blab about — books!

Brisbane is the place to be this weekend! It’s GenreCon time again, a brilliant event focused on All Things Genre, featuring some of the best writers, publishers, editors, illustrators and readers in the business. I’m particularly stoked to hear the 2015 Special Guests  so I’m definitely going to trot along to the sessions in which…… Continue reading GenreCon 2015: In which I will both launch — and blab about — books!

Wednesday Writers: Knowing What You Write

Today I made a guest appearance over at David McDonald’s ‘Wednesday Writers’ series, where I harped on about one of my pet topics: reading like a writer. Most of us are compelled to write because we love stories: hearing them narrated, staying up all night reading them, watching them unfold on the big screen. And…… Continue reading Wednesday Writers: Knowing What You Write

Starving — err, I mean feeding — my book addiction

Getting this ArtsSA grant has been fantastic for my writing — it has given me the means to take several precious months off work to write The Familiar. But no one ever said that writing was a lucrative business, and being a “writer on a grant” reminds me of my really frugal scholarship days… (Which,…… Continue reading Starving — err, I mean feeding — my book addiction

Fireflies in the Labyrinth

You know how it is. You work, you’re busy, you have much to do and not enough time in which to do it, you think about writing, you can’t sleep, you write, you work. You repeat, with less sleep, more busy. You remember the frantic times fondly; they were bliss compared to the insanity that…… Continue reading Fireflies in the Labyrinth