Quick Sip Reviews…

…has some fantastic things to say about Apex #69! Charles Payseur cuts right to the chase, offering concise and insightful reviews of most of the pieces in this issue — he covers quite a lot of territory in these quick sips! Here’s what he has to say about my story, ‘Heirloom Pieces’: A woman must face…… Continue reading Quick Sip Reviews…

The Art of the Careful Review

There are few things more satisfying, as a writer, than having someone read your work and enjoy it. But one of those things is having someone read your work, and take the time to analyse it, pick it apart, and articulate specific things that struck them about the story. This analysis doesn’t have to be…… Continue reading The Art of the Careful Review

Locus reviews THE DARK

Over at Locus online, Lois Tilton reviews the first issue of The Dark — and says some brilliant things about ‘Another Mouth’: “Hannett has the power to make readers shudder…” “Dark, weird, and decidedly icky…” “The atmosphere here is oppressive, a murk almost palpable – hopelessness, hunger, filth, rot. … the ultimate image is so…… Continue reading Locus reviews THE DARK

Sneak Peek Review of THE DARK, Issue One

Advance copies of the inaugural issue of The Dark (edited by Jack Fisher and Sean Wallace) have gone out into the wild, and the first review has appeared this morning on the interwebs. Huzzah! AJ Sikes has written a detailed and incredibly favourable review of the four stories in this issue: ‘The Carpet’ by Nnedi…… Continue reading Sneak Peek Review of THE DARK, Issue One

Interzone reviews Bluegrass Symphony!

In the most recent issue of Interzone, Peter Tennant offers a seriously squeeeee-worthy review of Bluegrass Symphony! It is a long and considered review, which starts off with wonderful comments like “[the collection] should appeal to readers of both fantasy and horror, with originality as a key note throughout”, and continues in the same vein…… Continue reading Interzone reviews Bluegrass Symphony!

Fireflies in the Labyrinth

You know how it is. You work, you’re busy, you have much to do and not enough time in which to do it, you think about writing, you can’t sleep, you write, you work. You repeat, with less sleep, more busy. You remember the frantic times fondly; they were bliss compared to the insanity that…… Continue reading Fireflies in the Labyrinth