Sneak Peek Review of THE DARK, Issue One

TDMCoverAdvance copies of the inaugural issue of The Dark (edited by Jack Fisher and Sean Wallace) have gone out into the wild, and the first review has appeared this morning on the interwebs. Huzzah!

AJ Sikes has written a detailed and incredibly favourable review of the four stories in this issue: ‘The Carpet’ by Nnedi Okorafor, ‘What Lies at the Edge of the Petal is Love’ by Rachel Swirsky, ‘By My Voice I Shall be Known’ by Angela Slatter, and my own piece, ‘Another Mouth’ — about which Sikes says:

While each of the stories in this issue stand firmly under the banner of Dark Fiction, I found Lisa L. Hannett’s tale the most disturbing of the lot. My own squeamishness aside, the story is just as well crafted as the earlier three. Where Okorafor’s story opened the issue with a bright if somewhat haunting tone, Hannett’s brings things to a close with a story born of pure darkness. An unnamed narrator again leads the reader through scenes past and present, painting a picture of seaside life that harkens to Lovecraftian climes and evokes the same sense of damp dread. The imagery and action here is choreographed to lend a feeling of fatigue, malaise, and dejection. From her moments of self-sacrifice through her moments of self-determination, the narrator carries her burdens like the weight of the ocean. The strength of the story lies in the narrator’s ability to wield her burdens rather than allow them to pull her under the waves.


Thanks, AJ!

Read the whole review here. Issue One of The Dark will be out in October — stay tuned!


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