Locus reviews THE DARK

locusOver at Locus online, Lois Tilton reviews the first issue of The Dark — and says some brilliant things about ‘Another Mouth’:

“Hannett has the power to make readers shudder…”

“Dark, weird, and decidedly icky…”

“The atmosphere here is oppressive, a murk almost palpable – hopelessness, hunger, filth, rot. … the ultimate image is so shuddersomely strong…”

Tilton doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to reviews, so I am really chuffed with her reading of my story.

Read the full review (which discussed all four stories) here.



  1. Congrats Lisa for the well deserved recognition of you amazing work. “Dark, weird, and decidedly icky…” describes it to a T”, I reckon. 😯 Goodonya!!!

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