Interzone reviews Bluegrass Symphony!

In the most recent issue of Interzone, Peter Tennant offers a seriously squeeeee-worthy review of Bluegrass Symphony! It is a long and considered review, which starts off with wonderful comments like “[the collection] should appeal to readers of both fantasy and horror, with originality as a key note throughout”, and continues in the same vein…… Continue reading Interzone reviews Bluegrass Symphony!

Astonishing and Impressive!

Mark Harding’s Music for Another World anthology (published by Mutation Press) is getting some fantastic reviews, the most recent of which appears in the current issue of Interzone (Nov-Dec, 231), written by Andy Hedgecock. You’ll have to snag yourself a hard copy of Interzone to read this incredibly positive review in all its glory —┬ábut…… Continue reading Astonishing and Impressive!