Interzone reviews Bluegrass Symphony!

In the most recent issue of Interzone, Peter Tennant offers a seriously squeeeee-worthy review of Bluegrass Symphony! It is a long and considered review, which starts off with wonderful comments like “[the collection] should appeal to readers of both fantasy and horror, with originality as a key note throughout”, and continues in the same vein throughout: “beautifully written” and “truly macabre imagery” and “witty and engaging”… I couldn’t be more delighted — especially as Tennant concludes that ‘Forever, Miss Tapekwa County’ is a “powerful and salutary end to a very strong collection, one that I unreservedly recommend.”

I should also point out that the next book Tennant looked at was none other than Felicity Dowker’s Bread and Circuses — and it is another lovely review! Hooray for Interzone!

Subscribe to Interzone — or buy issue 242 to read the full review and snoopy dance along with me.


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  1. Congratulations, Lisa! As I said before, every praise you get is truly deserved! Now the next thing to come for “Bluegrass Symphony” is the World Fantasy Award. (I am keeping my fingers crossed 🙂 ).

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