Fireflies in the Labyrinth

You know how it is.

You work, you’re busy, you have much to do and not enough time in which to do it, you think about writing, you can’t sleep, you write, you work.

You repeat, with less sleep, more busy.

You remember the frantic times fondly; they were bliss compared to the insanity that is now.

You keep going and going and going until, one day, you deflate.

Sometimes you’re deflated for several days.

It happens.

And then you spend a rainy evening doing nothing. You sit. You read. You surf the internet.

You visit Fireflies in the Labyrinth, a quirky, intelligent, delightful website filled with gorgeous reviews and pictures of people reading, pictures of libraries, coffee, books, books, books, and more amazing bookpornery, and you spend absolute ages trawling through the trove of wonderment. You kick up your heels, rejuvenated, and follow the glow.

Thanks, Margot. x


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