Look what arrived in the mail! SO excited!

I enjoyed Debris by Jo Anderton so very much that I’ve been dying to read Suited, the next book in her ‘Veiled Worlds’ series. And thanks to Past Lisa, who is saavy enough to pre-order books online so that they appear like magic in the mailbox, much to the surprise and delight of Present Lisa, I will be gobbling this treat up ASAP.

Love the characters, love the world, can’t wait to find out what happens! Also, by the by, love the cover. Tanyana looks so tough!

(Side note: my camera did ‘face recognition focus’ on the face in this image. I am impressed that it is smart enough to recognise a 2D face as a “face”, but also think, ‘Ha! Stoopid robot. Unable to tell the difference between humans and paperbacks…’)


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