Writing Speculative Short Stories: A New Workshop!

So excited to announce a new online workshop I’ve developed for Kill Your Darlings magazine: Writing Speculative Short Stories is now live! And, for a limited time, it’s being offered at a introductory discounted price! Huzzah! This workshop highlights some essential elements of speculative fiction. Whether you’re absolutely new to the genre, or you already…… Continue reading Writing Speculative Short Stories: A New Workshop!

The Flensing of the Baxter

Over at The Word, Alan Baxter tells the tale of joy and woe of having his story flensed by the Evil Drs Brain: flense verb, flensed, flensĀ·ing 1. to strip the blubber or the skin from (a whale, seal, etc.). 2. to strip off (blubber or skin)… I wrote a short story recently that I…… Continue reading The Flensing of the Baxter