The Writing Process, Visually

It’s nearing the end of Semester Two here in Australia, so much of my “writing time” involves balancing teaching commitments, research, short story writing and critiques, edits, and working on the novel somewhere in between. And staying up late to watch more episodes of The Tudors.

Today, this is what my writing process looks like. Writing a new lecture about “Writing the Strange” in short stories, hence the massive stack of books on the right. Keeping up with deadlines, hence the diary. Emailing students. Jotting down plotlines and ideas for the novel, hence the notebook open on the left. Glasses, a must when staring at the screen for so many consecutive hours. Keeping hydrated (can’t live without bubbly water. Also, coffee is on the boil, so not pictured.) Having snacks nearby — the stack of boxes of tasty Japanese treats (mostly with bean paste, because I love it so much.) Wallet at hand, tempting me to buy more books. Lava lamp in the background. Just because.



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