Talking Collaboration over at

At the end of last year, while Angela and I were gallivanting around NYC, we got to stop awhile to spend a great afternoon with the folks at Tucked away in a recording studio in the Flatiron building, we filmed this conversation / interview about our collaboration process. It was so much fun! A…… Continue reading Talking Collaboration over at

The Writing Process, Visually

It’s nearing the end of Semester Two here in Australia, so much of my “writing time” involves balancing teaching commitments, research, short story writing and critiques, edits, and working on the novel somewhere in between. And staying up late to watch more episodes of The Tudors. Today, this is what my writing process looks like.…… Continue reading The Writing Process, Visually

China Miéville: First in the Lair!

Greetings and welcome, one and all, to the inaugural Lair of the Evil Drs Brain, where we “invite” (i.e. conduct virtual kidnappings of) other writers and artists for a chat (which occurs right after they stop demanding to be released and saying ‘Who are you and why I am in a comfy wingback chair?’and ‘These are not…… Continue reading China Miéville: First in the Lair!


It’s that time of year again. The seasons are turning; young ghosts and goblins will soon prowl the streets, looking for souls upon which to feast – or, failing that, a boatload of mini Snickers bars to sate their appetites… Countdowns are starting all over the world: to Hallowe’en, to Thanksgiving (or, if you’re in…… Continue reading NaNoWri—NO.