The Joy that was GenreCon 2015

Mary Robinette Kowal delights us with a tiny puppet show!

I just got back from a fantastic weekend up in Brisbane for GenreCon 2015. Organised by the Queensland Writers Centre, hosted at the State Library of Queensland, and run by some excellent writerly ninjas (including Peter M Ball, who ran a tight ship all weekend with the help of super-friendly volunteers and staff of the…… Continue reading The Joy that was GenreCon 2015


It’s that time of year again. The seasons are turning; young ghosts and goblins will soon prowl the streets, looking for souls upon which to feast – or, failing that, a boatload of mini Snickers bars to sate their appetites… Countdowns are starting all over the world: to Hallowe’en, to Thanksgiving (or, if you’re in…… Continue reading NaNoWri—NO.

Hugo Award Winners 2011

Living in the future is so cool! This afternoon, while the glitterati of the F/SF world hobnobbed in Reno, I sat in the comfort of my living room and watched the Hugos while also working on this week’s Short Stories lecture… Even though the streaming was choppy at best, I still got to see all…… Continue reading Hugo Award Winners 2011