Talking Collaboration over at

At the end of last year, while Angela and I were gallivanting around NYC, we got to stop awhile to spend a great afternoon with the folks at Tucked away in a recording studio in the Flatiron building, we filmed this conversation / interview about our collaboration process. It was so much fun!

A bit of behind-the-scenes trivia for you all: it took a while to record this video, not because we were crap conversationalists (if there’s one thing we can do other than writing, it’s talk) but because NYC is a riot of noise! Cars and sirens and construction works conspired against us, interrupting many takes with their racket. It got to the point where we’d all (Angela, me, the camera guy and sound-gal) collectively flinch whenever a cabbie played fast and loose with the horn. But we got there in the end!

Another tidbit: I had no idea this was to be a video interview until we walked into the studio. I’m so glad I decided to blow-dry my hair that day (because vain). I’m also glad I had on a summer-weight shirt because those lights are HOT.


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