There’s nothing better than getting a delivery of books in the mail. Few things make me happier, really. So this afternoon, when I was feeling sorry for myself because I had just written a load of crap (see previous post), the fates intervened and sent the sweetest little delivery man, whose flimsy arms were laden with an entire Australia Post box filled with parcels — just for me!!

Sure, I had paid for all the books those parcels contained, but that’s neither here nor there. 5 boxes and bags of books! All for me! Sweet sweet parcels…

It was especially exciting because these are some of the packages I sent myself while the good Doctor and I were overseas… And by my calculations, I should still be getting another 30 kg or so (which translates to about 3-4 boxes… I can’t really remember.) And since I received one parcel yesterday, and five today, I can only assume that the rest are on their way later this week… Yay yay yay!

Now if only I could find the time to read them all…

…actually, one night I’ll be able to reserve for reading is on the evening of the previously scheduled ‘Happiness Forum’ . The forum is apparently not so happy — it’s been cancelled. Ah well. More reading time for me (and that’s what I call happiness! So, technically, the happiness forum is happening, just not as *P* had intended.)


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