The Writer & The Critic … and me!

At the end of November, I had an absolutely brilliant time talking with Kirstyn and Ian (aka The Writer and The Critic) about Maria Dahvana Headley’s incredible new translation of Beowulf alongside her equally incredible reimagining/retelling/revisioning of this epic story in her novel The Mere Wife. Full disclosure: I had suggested this Headley double-barrel episode and was so excited that Kirstyn and Ian agreed to indulge my bold request to join them for this show. Honestly, we could’ve kept talking for another few hours (at least), but managed to contain our enthusiasm to a healthy 1.5 hours. So if you’re keen to hear me gush about some of my favourite topics (Old Norse, Old English, warrior societies, fantasy, fiction, etc) with two super-insightful people, then head on over to The Writer and The Critic podcast here and listen to Episode 76.

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