Words for Thought and Bitter Distillations

Awoke to see that A.C. Wise’s ‘Words for Thought’ review column is back in Apex (hooray!) *AND* she’s written a wonderful piece about my story, ‘Deep in the Drift, Spinning’ (from Beneath Ceaseless Skies, September 2020): “Hannett’s writing is utterly gorgeous, poetic, and rhythmic, bringing to mind her story “A Shot of Salt Water” published in The Dark, set in the same world as “Deep in the Drift, Spinning.” While “A Shot of Salt Water” is like a sea shanty, this story is more like a dirge, but in both you can practically feel the salt-laden wind and the longing of the characters left on shore while others go to sea.”


Also, I have a new creepy story in this gorgeous, poison-filled book, Bitter Distillations! Egaeus Press produces the most beautiful editions around, so I’m delighted to have my own copies here. Just look at the detail! That cover! Those illustrations! ✨🤩💛


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