Adelaide launch of Midnight and Moonshine

We had a fantastic World Launch of Midnight and Moonshine up in Brisbane at the end of November (post and pics to come!) and now it’s nearly time for the Otherworld Launch here in Adelaide! The otherworld launch will take place in Adelaide on Friday, December 14, 2012. Where? SA Writers’ Centre 2nd floor, 187…… Continue reading Adelaide launch of Midnight and Moonshine

Two Brains, Two Launches!

Angela and I are having not one, but two launches for Midnight and Moonshine! Huzzah! There are two Brains behind the project so we thought, why not double the celebrations? Many of you are probably shaking your heads right now, thinking, Any excuse for the Brains to concoct devilish plans… Ahem. Well. Announcing the Brains’…… Continue reading Two Brains, Two Launches!

Bluegrass Symphony launch: In Which I Gush and Share Photos

Sometimes I feel soooooooo lucky, and last night was definitely one of those times. It’s actually hard to describe how awesome everthing was at the Bluegrass Symphony launch. Jude at the SA Writers Centre was incredibly lovely, and helped to make sure the atrium was ready for the event to kick off at 7pm –…… Continue reading Bluegrass Symphony launch: In Which I Gush and Share Photos

It’s here!!

    Hip-hip-hooray!! Three boxes filled with copies of Bluegrass Symphony showed up on my doorstep this morning, in plenty of time for the launch on August 19th! And for those of you in Adelaide who may want to stop by and say hello at the launch, the details are as follows: VENUE: SA WRITERS…… Continue reading It’s here!!