Bluegrass Symphony launch: In Which I Gush and Share Photos

Sometimes I feel soooooooo lucky, and last night was definitely one of those times. It’s actually hard to describe how awesome everthing was at the Bluegrass Symphony launch. Jude at the SA Writers Centre was incredibly lovely, and helped to make sure the atrium was ready for the event to kick off at 7pm –…… Continue reading Bluegrass Symphony launch: In Which I Gush and Share Photos

Shades of Sentience review!

Katharine Stubbs has written a fabulous review of Bluegrass Symphony over at Shades of Sentience, which goes a little something like this: The imagery in this collection will force you to pick up this book and keep reading. Even if you didn’t think you enjoyed reading of people who say ‘ain’t’ and ‘gots’ and drop…… Continue reading Shades of Sentience review!

It’s here!!

    Hip-hip-hooray!! Three boxes filled with copies of Bluegrass Symphony showed up on my doorstep this morning, in plenty of time for the launch on August 19th! And for those of you in Adelaide who may want to stop by and say hello at the launch, the details are as follows: VENUE: SA WRITERS…… Continue reading It’s here!!