More on Dead Red Heart

Dead Red Heart is a whopping anthology at 400+ pages — so you’re bound to get more than your money’s worth of vampirey goodness (or evilness?) when you get your hands on a copy. Which you now can: trade paperback and limited edition hardcover copies of Dead Red Heart are available for pre-order on Ticonderoga Press’s online bookshop,…… Continue reading More on Dead Red Heart


Dead Red Heart: Australian Vampire Tales

Ticonderoga Publications has announced the ToC for their massive book of Australian vampire stories, Dead Red Heart: “The Tide”, Martin Livings and friends “Mutiny on the Scarborough”, Shona Husk “Sun Falls”, Angela Slatter “Such is Life”, Jeremy Sadler “Apolotoi”, Chris Lawson “Punishment of the Sun”, Alan Baxter “Red Delicious”, Felicity Dowker “Just a Matter of…… Continue reading Dead Red Heart: Australian Vampire Tales