Cranky Ladies of History: Table of Contents Announced!

This morning, Fablecroft Publishing announced the table of contents for their Cranky Ladies of History anthology, and I am delighted to say that I’ve got a story in this book! My piece is set in early medieval Iceland (surprise, surprise) and tells the story of Hallgerðr Höskuldsdóttir, a very cranky lady indeed, who caused no…… Continue reading Cranky Ladies of History: Table of Contents Announced!

I have been remiss…

Slackness the First: I’ve been back from Continuum for two days and have yet to post a con report. In short, the convention was brilliant. Got to Melbourne on Thursday evening, had a lovely dinner with Angela, Kirstyn and Mondy and then recorded our ‘guest appearance’ for the Writer and the Critic podcast. We had…… Continue reading I have been remiss…

Continuum 8 Program

The Continuum 8 program is up, and I’m delighted to be part of some awesome panels and reading sessions. If you’re in Melbourne for the long weekend and are up for some Natcon excitement, swing past the Rydges on Swanston — Friday’s admission is a mere gold coin donation! Bargain! In case any of you…… Continue reading Continuum 8 Program

Aurealis Awards Finalists Announced!

The internets are abuzz this evening because the Aurealis Award Shortlists have just been announced! There are so many awesome stories on these lists, I honestly don’t know how the judges narrowed it down. And I’m so stoked to see my work nominated in two categories: Best Collection (for Bluegrass Symphony) and Best Horror Short…… Continue reading Aurealis Awards Finalists Announced!

An Introduction to Australian Horror

In honour of Australia Day, I was asked to write an article about Australian horror for This Is Horror in the UK — and it’s now up! The article surveys some of the standout horror published in the past two years by Australian independent presses: so much to talk about, so much incredible talent! Australia…… Continue reading An Introduction to Australian Horror

Damnation & Dames ToC announced!

Lindsy Anderson – The Third Circle Chris Bauer – Three Questions and One Troll Alan Baxter & Felicity Dowker – Burning, Always Burning Jay Caselberg – Blind Pig M.L.D. Curelas – Silver Comes the Night Karen Dent – A Case to Die For Dirk Flinthart – Outlines Lisa L. Hannett & Angela Slatter – Prohibition…… Continue reading Damnation & Dames ToC announced!

Hooray! Sale!

By now this news is floating all over the internetz, but HUZZAH! The oubliette streak continues! Spent the day offline, and got back on to discover that ‘Prohibition Blues’, which Angela Slatter and I co-authored, will be appearing in Damnation & Dames, a cool new anthology edited by Liz Grzyb and Amanda Pillar. Our story…… Continue reading Hooray! Sale!

Fairy Tale Girls Should Always and Never Do What They’re Told

Lately, I’ve been thinking about fairy tales. There was a fantastic panel at Swancon – with Ellen Datlow, Richard Harland, Jenny Blackford, Amanda Pillar, and Brain (aka Angela Slatter) – in which the panelists were kicking around many ideas about fairy tales: the evolution of the form; classics and modern retellings; questioning the theory that…… Continue reading Fairy Tale Girls Should Always and Never Do What They’re Told

Lists of Excitement!

So it’s been a pretty busy couple of days for Aussie authors on heavy-hitting lists, namely the Stoker Preliminary Ballot and the Locus Recommended Reading list for 2010. Sure, you could instantly clickity-click on the links I’ve just provided to see the lists in full — but before you do why don’t we give three cheers to…… Continue reading Lists of Excitement!

Dead Red Heart: Australian Vampire Tales

Ticonderoga Publications has announced the ToC for their massive book of Australian vampire stories, Dead Red Heart: “The Tide”, Martin Livings and friends “Mutiny on the Scarborough”, Shona Husk “Sun Falls”, Angela Slatter “Such is Life”, Jeremy Sadler “Apolotoi”, Chris Lawson “Punishment of the Sun”, Alan Baxter “Red Delicious”, Felicity Dowker “Just a Matter of…… Continue reading Dead Red Heart: Australian Vampire Tales