NSWWC Speculative Fiction Festival: Interview

As part of a week-long celebration of the Speculative Fiction Festival (taking place this Saturday – 16 March) at the NSW Writers Centre in Sydney, Kate Forsyth is running a series of interviews she’s done with several of the panelists — including me! — over on her website. Here’s a snippet: What is your latest book about?…… Continue reading NSWWC Speculative Fiction Festival: Interview

Writer and the Critic — with Dr Brains

I am no longer a podcast virgin! Back in June, Kirstyn McDermott and Ian Mond invited Angela and I to join them for  The Writer and the Critic podcast — and our episode is now live. We chatted about books that we’ve loved (Angela picked Voice of the Fire by Alan Moore and I gushed…… Continue reading Writer and the Critic — with Dr Brains

I have been remiss…

Slackness the First: I’ve been back from Continuum for two days and have yet to post a con report. In short, the convention was brilliant. Got to Melbourne on Thursday evening, had a lovely dinner with Angela, Kirstyn and Mondy and then recorded our ‘guest appearance’ for the Writer and the Critic podcast. We had…… Continue reading I have been remiss…

The Week That Was: In Pictures and Words

It’s fair to say that I’ve been a hermit since the Year of the Grant began. January and February have flown by in a whirl of words, chapters, stories… and very little else. Sure, I’ve emerged from the oubliette once or twice — for provisions, say, or to reassure my friends that I’m still alive…… Continue reading The Week That Was: In Pictures and Words