NSWWC Speculative Fiction Festival: Interview

As part of a week-long celebration of the Speculative Fiction Festival (taking place this Saturday – 16 March) at the NSW Writers Centre in Sydney, Kate Forsyth is running a series of interviews she’s done with several of the panelists — including me! — over on her website. Here’s a snippet: What is your latest book about?…… Continue reading NSWWC Speculative Fiction Festival: Interview

The Monstrous Allure of the Book

I’ve been down for the count for the past few days with a terrible cold — throat still throbbing, can hardly speak — so I missed this when it first came out last week: the piece I wrote about Margaret Irwin (she of the most excellent weird story ‘The Book’ and the fantastic slipstream/time travel…… Continue reading The Monstrous Allure of the Book